08:30   Registration  
09:15   Welcome Session Room: Aeminium 4
    Control and Robotics  
  # Chair: Lino Marques Room: Aeminium 4
09:30 63 Maradona Rodrigues, Andrew McGordon, Graham Gest and James Marco Developing and Testing of Control Software Framework for Autonomous Ground Vehicle.
09:50 24 Stefano Primatesta and Basilio Bona Motion Control of Mobile Robots with Particle Filter Model Predictive Equilibrium Point Control
10:10 33 Luigi Pannocchi, Mauro Marinoni and Giorgio Buttazzo Hardware-In-The-Loop Development Framework for Multi-Vehicle Autonomous Systems
10:30 25 Mohamed Selmy, Mohamed Fanni and Abdelfatah Mohamed Macro/Micro-Positioning Control and Stability Analysis of Contactless Active Robotic Joint Using Active Magnetic Bearing
10:50 39 Walid Amokrane, Karim Belharet, Mouna Souissi and Antoine Ferreira Forward kinematics of serial manipulator based on permanent magnets for micro-bead propulsion
11:10   Coffee Break  
    Chair: Antoine Ferreira Room: Aeminium 4
11:30 Keynote Raj Madhavan Robotics & Automation for Societal Good: Bridging Competitions & Challenges and Technology & Public Policy
12:30   Lunch  
  # Chair: Urbano Nunes Room: Aeminium 4
14:00 5 Joachim Clemens Multi-Robot In-Ice Localization Using Graph Optimization
14:20 82 Oscar Lima Carrion and Rodrigo Ventura A Case Study on Automatic Parameter Optimization of a Mobile Robot Localization Algorithm
14:40 21 Carmelo Di Franco, Enrico Bini, Mauro Marinoni and Giorgio Buttazzo Multidimensional Scaling Localization with Anchors
15:00 44 Roberto Barbosa, Luís Serrador, Bruno Santos, M.V. Silva, Elena De Momi and Cristina Santos 3DSlicer Module To Perform Registration: An Intraoperative Situation
15:20 64 Eurico Pedrosa, Artur Pereira and Nuno Lau Efficient Localization based on Scan Matching with a Continuous Likelihood Field
15:40 2 Clara Gomez, Alejandra C. Hernandez, Jonathan Crespo and Ramón Barber Uncertainty-based localization in a topological robot navigation system
16:00   Coffee Break  
  # Chair: Raj Dasgupta Room: Aeminium 4
16:20 12 Sedat Dogru and Lino Marques Estimation of Rotational Speeds of Skid-Steered Wheeled Mobile Robots Using an Improved Kinematic Model
16:40 31 Francisco Campos, Miguel Marques, Fernando Carreira and João Calado A Complete Frontier-based Exploration Method for Pose-SLAM
17:00 15 Jonathan Ginés, Francisco Martín, Vicente Matellán, Francisco J. Lera and Jesús Balsa Dynamics maps for long-term autonomy
17:20 94 João Macedo, Lino Marques and Ernesto Costa Robotic Odour Search: Evolving a Robot's Brain with Genetic Programming
17:40 43 Marina Galli, Ramón Barber, Santiago Garrido and Luis Moreno Path planning using Matlab-ROS integration applied to mobile robots.
    Humanoids and Walking Robots  
  # Chair: Nuno Lau Room: Aeminium 2
14:00 41 Helena Gonçalves, Graça Minas, Ana Rodrigues and Cristina P. Santos Literature Review of Vibrotactile Systems Addressing Freezing of Gait in Parkinsonians
14:20 40 Paulo Felix, Joana Figueiredo, Cristina P. Santos and Juan C. Moreno Eletronic Design and Validation of Powered Knee Orthosis System embedded with Werable Sensors
14:40 22 Joana Figueiredo, César Ferreira, Luís Costa, João Sepúlveda, Luís P. Reis, Juan C. Moreno and Cristina P. Santos Instrumented Insole System for Ambulatory and Robotic Walking Assistance: First Advances
15:00 49 Seyed Mohammadreza Mohades Kasaei, Nuno Lau, Artur Pereira and Ehsan Shahri A Reliable Model-Based Walking Engine with Push Recovery Capability
15:20 71 Joana Alves, César Ferreira, Luis Paulo Reis, Eurico Seabra and Cristina P. Santos Design and dynamic modelling of an ankle-foot prosthesis for humanoid robot
15:40 59 David Estevez, Raul Fernandez-Fernandez, Juan G. Victores and Carlos Balaguer Robotic Ironing With a Humanoid Robot Using Human Tools
16:00   Coffee Break  
    Human-Robot Interaction  
  # Chair: Cristina P. Santos Room: Aeminium 2
16:20 4 Pedro Vicente and Alexandre Bernardino Wedding Robotics: A case study
16:40 13 Tiago Malheiro, Estela Bicho, Toni Machado, Luís Louro, Sergio Monteiro, Paulo Vicente and Wolfram Erlhagen A software framework for the implementation of dynamic neural field control architectures for human-robot interaction
17:00 34 Nuno F. Ribeiro and Cristina P. Santos An Intuitive Visual Interface for a Real-Time Monitoring System for Human Gait Using IMUs
17:20 42 Gi Hyun Lim, Eurico Pedrosa, Filipe Amaral, Nuno Lau, Artur Pereira, José Luís Azevedo, Paulo Dias, Bernardo Cunha and Luis Paulo Reis Rich and Robust Human-Robot Interaction on Gesture Recognition for Assembly Tasks
17:40 68 David Ribeiro, André Mateus, Pedro Miraldo and Jacinto Nascimento A Real-Time Deep Learning Pedestrian Detector for Robot Navigation





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