# Chair: Carlos Cardeira Room: Aeminium 4
09:00 55 Tiago Caldeira, Hamad Al Remeithi and Ibrahim Al Raeesi MyRIO based Mobile Robot for Rescue Competitions
09:20 77 Ricardo Dias, Bernardo Cunha, Eduardo Sousa, José Azevedo, João Silva, Filipe Amaral and Nuno Lau Real-Time Multi-Object Tracking on Highly Dynamic Environments
09:40 80 Andre Antunes, Carlos Cardeira and Paulo Oliveira Side Slip Estimation of Formula Student Prototype through GPS/INS fusion
10:00 81 Tiago Ribeiro, Inês Garcia, João Ribeiro, Dylan Pereira, Gil Lopes and Fernando Ribeiro Development of a prototype robot for transportation within industrial environments
10:20 92 Filipe Amaral, Eurico Pedrosa, Gi Hyun Lim, Nima Shafii, Artur Pereira, José Luís Azevedo, Bernardo Cunha, Luis Paulo Reis, Simone Badini and Nuno Lau Skill-based Anytime Agent Architecture for Logistics and Manipulation Tasks - EuRoC Challenge 2, Stage II – REALISTIC LABS: Benchmarking
10:40   Coffee Break  
    Chair: Alexandre Bernardino Room: Aeminium 4
11:00 Keynote Nikos G. Tsagarakis Actuation Principles for Robots with High Power and Enhance Physical Interaction Capabilities
12:00   Lunch  
  # Chair: Alaa Khamis Room: Aeminium 4
13:20 3 José Prado and Lino Marques Reducing False-Positives in Multi-Sensor Dataset of Landmines via Sensor Fusion Regularization
13:40 52 David Estevez, Raul Fernandez-Fernandez, Juan G. Victores and Carlos Balaguer Improving and Evaluating Robotic Garment Unfolding: A Garment-Agnostic Approach
14:00 58 Omar Ibn Elkhatab Zahra, Mohamed Fanni and Abdelfatah Mohamed Towards a Hybrid Brain-Based Robot
14:20 23 Daniel Ammon, Tobias Fink and Stefan May Random Normal Matching: A Robust Probability-Based 2D Scan Matching Approach Using Truncated Signed Distance Functions
14:40 19 Luis Garrote, José Rosa, João Paulo, Cristiano Premebida, Paulo Peixoto and Urbano Nunes 3D Point Cloud Downsampling for 2D Indoor Scene Modelling in Mobile Robotics
15:00 83 Rui Figueiredo, Plinio Moreno and Alexandre Bernardino Robust cylinder detection using 3D point cloud information
15:20   Coffee Break  
    Computer Vision  
  # Chair: Paulo Menezes Room: Aeminium 4
15:40 93 Elie Zemmour, Yael Edan and Polina Kurtser Dynamic 3D thresholding algorithm for robotic apple detection
16:00 65 José Raúl Ruiz Sarmiento, Martin Günther, Cipriano Galindo, Javier Gonzalez-Jimenez and Joachim Hertzberg Online Context-based Object Recognition for Mobile Robots
16:20 79 Tiago Santos, Miguel Moreira, Jose Almeida, André Dias, Alfredo Martins, João Formiga, Jorge Dinis and Eduardo Silva PLineD: Vision-based Power Lines Detection for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
16:40 53 Kaya Turgut, Helin Dutagaci, Cansu Soyleyici, Sezgin Secil, Metin Ozkan, Osman Parlaktuna and Mustafa Parlaktuna A Method for Determining Local Coordinate Frames Attached to Objects by a Laser Profile Sensor in Industrial Robot Workspaces
17:00 27 Juliano E. N. Masson and Marcelo Petry Comparison of Mesh Generation Algorithms for Railroad Reconstruction
  # Chair: Luis Paulo Reis Room: Aeminium 2
13:20 29 Carlos Cardoso and Alexandre Bernardino Adaptive Non Maximal Suppression Filtering for Online Exploration Learning with Cost-Regularized Kernel Regression
13:40 30 Olimpiya Saha and Prithviraj Dasgupta Real-Time Robot Path Planning Around Complex Obstacle Patterns through Learning and Transferring Options
14:00 35 Raul Fernandez-Fernandez, David Estevez, Juan G. Victores and Carlos Balaguer Reducing the Number of Evaluations Required for CGDA Execution through Particle Swarm Optimization Methods
14:20 36 Raul Fernandez-Fernandez, David Estevez, Juan G. Victores and Carlos Balaguer Improving CGDA execution through Genetic Algorithms incorporating Spatial and Velocity constraints
14:40 57 Vahid Mokhtari, Luís Seabra Lopes and Armando J. Pinho Robot Tasks Learning with Loops from Experiences
15:00 73 Carlos M. Costa, Germano Veiga, Armando Sousa and Sérgio Nunes Extraction of Assembly Information from Instruction Manuals
15:20   Coffee Break  
    Field Robotics  
  # Chair: Sedat Dogru Room: Aeminium 2
15:40 61 Alaa Khamis and Mohammed Ashraf A Differential Evolution-based Approach to Design All-Terrain Ground Vehicle Wheels
16:00 88 Roberto Montero, Elisabeth Menendez, Juan G. Victores and Carlos Balaguer Intelligent Robotic System for Autonomous Crack Detection and Characterization in Concrete Tunnels
16:20 75 Ricardo Pereira, João Rodrigues, Alfredo Martins, André Dias, Jose Almeida, Carlos Almeida and Eduardo Silva Simulation Environment for Underground Flooded Mines Robotic Exploration
16:40 7 Anis Koubâa, Basit Qureshi, Mohamed-Foued Sriti, Yasir Javed and Eduardo Tovar A Service-Oriented Cloud-Based Management System for the Internet-of-Drones
17:00 14 Joao Natividade, José Prado and Lino Marques Low-cost Multi-spectral Vegetation Classification using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
18:00   Visit to the University  
20:30   Conference Dinner Centro Cultural D. Dinis







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